Protective material for plating


MEKKING from NAKARAI offers high quality and long lasting result in protecting plating. It's the most popular plating protection in Japan.

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Maintaining best glossy and shinning luster forever.

Do you remember the excitement when you first rode on the motorcycle you're riding now? That motorcycle had become your partner since the first time you met her. As time goes by, the radiance had declined; now do you want to bring back the shine and radiance for her? Because she's so important to you, it's necessary to take extra care of her. NAKARAI's MEKKING is the product you need to provide protection over the plating of your beloved bike, making her luster glossy and shinning like the first time.

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Plating protection "MEKKING"

Just apply few drops and spread out on the treated area, maintaining the high-gloss shine without corrosion. MEKKING is hydrophobic and forms an extreme thin layer of 0.002u over the chrome plating and it blocks from water, oil and dust which causes rust. It can be widely used on beloved bikes, water bikes or cars as the protection of plating.


Effect of MEKKING

Apply MEKKING a half of rusted part and leave the other half without putting it. In just 2 weeks you will see the clear difference! To maintain the high-gloss shine of plating and to simplify the process, please try our MEKKING.

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