Voice of loyalty

Voice of loyalty


I used MEKKING to coat the body of my new car. Surprisingly, MEKKING makes a complete glossy shine even though my car was a brand new! It's great to see the particular glossiness presented by chrome. There are more and more parts of my motorcycles becoming "PLATED by NAKARAI". If possible, I wish to buy only new plated parts and apply MEKKING on them.

Motorcycle: Yamaha Pocke.
User: Mr. Y


When I purchased the used motorcycle, I looked for solutions to remove the rust from chrome plating. I found SABITORI KING and immediately tried it on. It completely removed the rust appeared on the fuel cap. Furthermore, I finished the process with MEKKING; it brought up the blackish shinning glossiness of plating. Left image is before use, several rusted spots are in the center of the said image. Rusted spots are now removed that you can hardly see them.

User: Mr. N


Heavy user of MEKKING. I purchased MEKKING to use on my Harley's plating six month ago via online store. Because I keep my bike in the underground parking lot where is very humid, it became very rusted. I've applied three times since the purchase, bike is still parked in the same parking lot but no more rusts! The plating is glossy and shining. It's a wonderful product. Thank God that I found it!

Motorcycle type: Harley Davidson.
User: Mr. O.


When going to the touring it stands out anyhow. It is important that the plating shines brightly and stands out. After applying MEKKING, it hardely gets dirt and dust. It is no problem with a little wiping for the maintenance after returning from touring. It's easy to use because you apply about once every six months. Thanks to MEKKING, my Harley is always shiny.


Many members of HUMMER OWNER'S CLUB are using MEKKING and SABITORI KING.


I was told that the plating looked different than usual by people at a car dealer, and I said that's because of MEKKING. I applied it to a new car, and I was touched by the fact that it is different from the appearance! The best chemical product of plating is definitely NAKARAI's. I also ordered the magic wipe and have used it since then. I decided to use only chemical products such as Wako's and SurLuster, but I will also use NAKARAI's products!

Velfire G's
Mr. N

  • Spreads well
  • Easy to get rid of dust
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to clean up
  • Gets rid of dust just by wiping off

Mr. U.S. in Tokyo


A friend of mine who's hobby is photography took a very fashionable picture of the London bus cafe which reflected on Harley's shiny air cleaner. After using MEKKING It got a deeper brilliance than when it was brand new! This Harley's air cleaner gets more shiny in proportion to the number of applications. Of course, other plating parts keep its shine even on the bad weather conditions or environments. MEKKING is a truly good product. Thank you.

Mr. Okayama


I received a good voice from a user. "I was concerned about rust because parking lot is only 1.5 meters form the sea, so bumper easily gets foggy. I wasn't able to take rust with any chemical, but I could remove rust after using SABITORI KING and it hardly stays on the car after using MEKKING. The car also becomes hard to get dirty, and it glows well with only water wiping. We apply MEKKING once every 3 months, it lasts longer. I introduced these two products to my friends whose cars have plated parts."

Mr. Hasegawa


I bought MEKKING at Amazon after getting samples of SABITORI KING. It is a high quality product. My car DS1100 gets shiny. I should have known it before. Thank you very much.

Mr. U.M. in Tokyo


About the care of plated parts, I usually wipe it gently after driving. In case I can't take dust, I wipe it off by using parts cleaner. It is about 10 minutes or so in terms of working time, but even this alone makes it beautiful, and rust can be invisible. Even so, the plated part of the mirror gets dusty with dust and dirt little by little. Then you can not even take the dust with an other parts cleaner. (Photo 1) So I tried SABITORI KING this time. I put it on a magic wipe and gently wipe it off, and it got dull and became shiny. (Photo 2) Before using SABITORI KING, I used a rust removing agent of the tube type. They looked similar but SABITORI KING is more fine. It will remove rust so easily by just using SABITORI KING. After wiping off the powder of SABITORI KING cleanly, it wiped evenly that impregnated MEKKING. MEKKING is volatile and quickly dries. After application, it shines pretty well. But after it drie out, it will return to like the original. You might think why the shine doesn't last, but MEKKING is a plating PROTECTIVE agent. I think that it is better not to misunderstand this point. However, the amazing point of this is after application. A few days after applying MEKKING, I went one day touring. Usually dust adheres to the surface of plated parts. However, after MEKKING application, it seems that dust is blocked by the force of the film, so dust has not adhered much to the plating part. Periodic application may make cleaning easier. Finally, it is hard to do all the plating parts polishing at the same time, but I think that those who did it periodically can keep shining. I think that conspicuous parts and easy-to-clean parts will be protected with MEKKING.

Mr. Horizo


"Calsonic's Blue bicycle"
I'm surprised that I could remove rust by a little rubbing. It is a pleasant experience that truly, amazingly, easy, to erase rust. Gloss revived. It became shiny even though the parts was with rust before applying SABITORI KING. Indeed, it is not easy to remove rust easily with this state... but I could remove it far more easier than any other abrasives. I could find a really good product.


It seems that plating also gradually loses its radiance unless you regularly care. Especially for plating aluminum cast parts, something like point rust appears to come out. However, since it is hard for me to always scrub with MEKKING, I usually keep shining on WAKOS's Various Court and I can keep deep shine all the time by polishing with MEKKING about once every 3 months. In addition, MEKKING seems to demonstrate power not only for plating parts but also for surface protection and gloss maintenance of gloss painted parts and iron parts. MEKKING will surely give you satisfaction for those who love shine.

Mr. M in Yokohama


I saw NAKARAI's MEKKING by a chance when I picked it on the Harley's website. I bought a set of MEKKING and SABITORI KING, and I found that these are such wonderful items. Mr. NAKARAI's MEKKING and SABITORI KING are unbelivably great products.


I ride Yamaha's Cruzer SC-32, but the handle part was rusty as you can see. Although I gave up on remove rusts completely because of seawater, my friend told me that SABITORI KING & MEKKING strongly resist in seawater. I could see the great effect right after I used them. It was not possible to remove all rust of the part where the plating is turned up but I'm very satisfied with the quality. I am looking forward to the next ship maneuvering! Next time I will clean the lever on the left side and tell it to my fishing associates.


Using SABITORI KING and MEKKING my vehicle have become as bright as new. This time I made the boat bumper shiny.


By closely looking at the front wheels, I noticed a rust. After washing the wheel and taking the moisture, I used SABITORI KING. It got really beautiful when lightly stroking it by attaching it to a dedicated wipe a little. Although I have not taken a picture, I could remove rust adherent to spokes, which I couldn't remove with parts cleaner. I got it easily with just wiping a little. The rough surface also became slippery and I could remove it more than I thought. I did not take a picture, but all the dirt on the front wheel are gone and the wheels became beautiful.


I purchased a set of MEKKING and SABITORI KING a year ago. It took time to apply MEKKING for the first time, but I'm very satisfied with the quality. It has not been rusted at all by applying once a year. Because it coats while spreading a small amount, it does not decrease at all!


I purchased MEKKING and SABITORI KING as a set two years ago. First, I applied it to the whole and then to the area I think I need, so it's very easy! (Thin stretch, evenly stretch, extend without gaps) I paint frequently, but only about half has been reduced yet!


I tried to polish my Harley for the first time in a while and there was a point rust on the wheel part. So I researched on rust remover on the Internet, and purchased NAKARAI's SABITORI KING & MEKKING. When I tried, I was surprised because it removed rust more than I imagined! Point rust like the image was completely gone, and when MEKKING was applied, it became shiny! It is a product you would like to recommend to everyone.


It turned out very beautiful! I would like to try it elsewhere. I polished the rusted turn signal ASSY with SABITORI KING. It is shining. Holts got better in terms of how much rust was removed, but SABITORI KING got sharper. Then I coated with liquid called MEKKING and It shined more.


I am using MEKKING under severe conditions such as sea water, but it does not rust at all. I can not feel the sign of rusting at all! We are convinced that MEKKING is the best chemical. There are also people who think it's expensive if you look at only the price, but I think that it is "cheap" given rusting and re-plating and chrome plating dullness. I think that it is a great chemical.