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How to use MEKKING

※ Please don't apply the excessive volume because it becomes lumpy easily

1. Carefully wipe off dust or grime on the plating.
2. Apply 1 to 2 drops of MEEKING on the "magic wipe" and spread it out evenly.
3. As the surface of mirror gets higher it is easy to form lumps. The product erases and prevents such damages.
4. Rub the lumps off by using the "magic wipe".
5. It gets hardened in 5 to 10 minutes, check again if lumps exist before complete hardening.
6. Before complete hardening (up to 24 hours), do not spread water on it.

Attention of use

MEKKING is a type of volatile solvent, inhalation of volatilized solvent which may be toxic to human body. Please carefully following instructions listed below.

  1. MEKKING contains flammable substance. Please ensure the working space provides good ventilation while using MEKKING and refrain from igniting flames in nearby areas.
  2. Never use any tool to spray MEKKING.
  3. Please directly apply MEKKING from its original package without diluting with water or mix with any other liquid. Mixing with such substance will cause MEKKING failure to work.
  4. Uneven coating or whitening may appear in following situations, please do not use MEKKING until each situation is improved
    Causes relevant to working condition or environment Recommended solutions
    Item to apply MEKKING is not completely dried up. Leave the item long enough to get completely dry before applying MEKKING.
    Humidity is extremely high. Improve ventilation in the working space by using fan or dehumidifier before applying MEKKING.
    the temperature of the surface of substrate exceeds 100°F. under such a condition as in the boiling sun during summer. Change the time schedule to apply MEKKING until it gets cooler at night so that the temperature becomes appropriate for it's usage.
    The room temperature reaches 40°F or lower. Heat the room of the working space by using heater before applying MEEKING.
  5. The time it takes for the solvent to completely evaporate is subject to the temperature but usually about 3 to 5 days then the reaction fixation ends.
  6. Do not spread or drip any water on the treated surface within 24 hours.
  7. If mouth or eye gets in touch with MEKKING, immediately rinse mouth or eye with sufficient water and seek medical attention.
  8. If MEKKING was applied to skin or wipe, immediately rinse with water.
  9. Keep MEKKING tightly closed and stored in cool and dark areas out of reach by children. Please refrain from pouring MEKKING into other containers from its original package for storage except for transportation purpose.
  10. When applying MEKKING, ensure the working space is equipped with ventilator to provide good ventilation.
  11. In order to prevent skin from exposing to MEKKING, please make sure to use protection, such as gas masks, gloves, goggles, aprons etc.
  12. Please thoroughly wash hands after using MEKKING
  13. Please refrain from using MEKKING other than its intended purposes
  14. Please always remember to tighten up the black cap after use. Leave it open will lead to hardening and become unusable.
Appearance Colorless transparent
Component Special silicone
Solvent Hazardous level Ⅱ 1st type of petroleum, Class 4
Treatment No fires
Storability 1 year (if kept closely sealed and stored between 4°F to 86°F)

Formula of content may be changed without notice due to improvement made.


What is chrome plating?

It is a kind of plating using chrome metal to form the final coating on the surface; providing corrosion resistance of oxidation and presenting beautiful glossiness.

What is the difference from wax?

MEKKING is protective agent preventing adherence of oil. On the other hand, the main component of wax is oil; corrosion of oil will adhere to plating and result in rust unless wax is frequently repainted.

What is the difference from polymer?

The ingredients are different. It is difficult to regard and simplify polymeric because it is widely used on various product (not as a one polymer), but silicon-based polymer is the main ingredient in plating.

What's the effect to use MEKKING on plated items processed with wax or polymer?

Because wax is made with oil that is extremely easy to be oxidized, please make sure to remove wax before use MEKKING.

Is it possible to remove rust?

MEKKING is a product especially developed to maintain the glossy shine of chrome plating. It wouldn't be used for the purpose to remove existed rust. To remove rust, please use SABITORI KING instead.

Does it take professional skill to use?

Don't worry! Just follow the instructions, it's easy to use.

Does MEKKING contain abrasive?

No. The coating of chrome plating is extremely thin which is only 0.002u. Rubbing it with abrasive results in peel-off of chrome plating and exposing the plating underneath.

Can it be used to products not made with chrome plating?

Yes. It can be used for Aluminum polish and metals.

Is it okay to apply MEKKING with regular wipe other than the attached "magic wipe"?

It is not recommended to use other regular wipe to apply MEKKING. MEKKING contains alcohol solvent which might cause color of regular wipe or fabric adhering to plating surface.

Can MEKKING be overcoated?

Of course it is possible. If you apply 3 times 2 to 6 weeks, MEKKING will protect the coating.

Can I use it on aluminum polish?

Yes, it is no problem. However, in order to completely block aluminum and oxygen surface, first overcoat at the beginning, then remove the part that touches the air.

Does it have the heat resistance?

It can withstand up to 400°F, so it does not matter if you apply it to the motorcycle engine.

How much can I use with one bottle?

You can use it for more than 30 motorcycles.

※ MEKKING is not for plating; it's only for the protection.